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A custom ROM, on the other hand, helps keep your device alive and updated with the latest version of Android. Another reason why people seek custom ROMs is because of the extra features they offer.

  • Official, stable version of Android 12 released for Samsung Galaxy A52 5G.
  • If the same thing happens to you, then you need to fix your corrupted Android device as soon as possible to use it flawlessly like never before!
  • This can be useful in case you end up with a failed installation.
  • Using the above instructions, you were able to create a backup of a single partition.

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  • Unlike the Apple OS, Android does not have facilities like ‘iCloud’ which assist in backing up data without having the requirement to root the device.
  • However, we recommend you to use the current version of the SP Flash Tool, as it will have an advantage over the prior version.
  • Either way, make sure you’ve backed up your data properly, and not just through a Nandroid backup.
  • I would say if you want to try something different, do give it a shot.
  • You can completely manage the software on your phone and customize it to your preferences using tools like custom ROMs, TWRP, and Magisk root.

The flashing process could take a few minutes to finish, depending upon your device’s firmware file size. So, to begin flashing, open the tool’s window, navigate to the ‘Download’ tab, and click the ‘Choose’ button next to the “Scatter-loading File” box. Then navigate to the folder where the stock firmware file was extracted earlier during Step #1. Once you have downloaded the stock ROM’s ZIP file, extract it to an easily accessible location on your computer. The extracted contents should include an Android Scatter text file, a preloader BIN, and image files of the individual device partitions. Download ZTE firmware update gadget is very important as many of its owners regularly make the upgrades in order to make their gadgets to function better.

backup stock rom using sp flash tool

One option is to use a third-party app such as Phone Backup & Restore or Google Drive. Another option is to use the built-in Android backup feature. On this page, you will find instructions on how to flash Stock ROM on Android Smartphone or tablet using LiveSuit application. Here you have the steps on how to use ADB Sideload on your Pixel 7/Pro to install the official firmware.






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